• jail education solutions
Help everyone connected to incarceration build better lives.

We provide an intuitive learning platform that incentivizes educational attainment. The platform is easy to manage and free for most corrections facilities.


Roughly 12 million people cycle through America's jail systems each year. This means that on any given day, about 7 million people are under the supervision of the adult correctional system - jails, state and federal prisons, and community supervision. Sadly, well over half of formerly incarcerated people will return to prison or jail after release, a rate called recidivism. While research clearly identifies that educational programming significantly reduces recidivism such programs face serious funding and implementation challenges that limit their reach to only a minority of the population. A recent study shows that for every inmate participating in a class, there is one on a waiting list.


Through our customized tablet those who are incarcerated can engage in self-driven learning in areas including k-12 education, GED and college readiness; employment and other community resources; exploratory educational material; cognitive behavioral therapy and treatment; legal information; and other tools. Further, engagement in educational activities is incentivized through earned access to limited entertainment.