• janehamilton
Partners on the Path CEO & Founder
Jane Meier Hamilton

Jane Meier Hamilton MSN, RN, is CEO and Founder of Partners on the Path, LLC, providing caregiver support programs to businesses that employ, and non-profits that support caregivers.


A nurse for 40 years and family caregiver for 20, she has created research-based, resilience-building resources to help caregivers remain productive while working, and compassionate while caring. Jane is a skilled consultant, educator, author, group facilitator and public speaker who has consulted with more than 150 organizations and presented over 3,000 workshops and keynote addresses, nationwide.


Jane is a content expert on managing caregiver stress, preventing compassion fatigue and coping with transition. Her book, The Caregiver's Guide to Self-Care: Help for Your Caregiving Journey (Infinity 2011), is available in print, 1-hour audio, and e-book formats.