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GoodCompany Ventures Co-Founder & Board Chair
Joel Steiker

Joel Steiker is a Fund Manager of Murex Investments. Mr. Steiker is the
Managing Director and co-founder of the Prior Murex Funds. He has led or
co-led all investing activities in the Prior Murex Funds since 2003. Mr.
Steiker has more than 20 years experience investing and lending in
middle-market and small leveraged transactions in both high-tech and
traditional industries. Mr. Steiker has served as lead or co-lead on 34
venture capital transactions, including successful investment in the
financial mobility and learning industries, and has performed significant
advisory work in clean technology.


Mr. Steiker managed Murex’ investment in PayQuik, a white-labeled software
product that provides trans-border financial payments through the
Internet. PayQuik was sold to Citibank in 2008 for a substantial return.
He was instrumental in raising capital, management recruitment, and
strategic Board direction. More recently, Mr. Steiker served as the
interim CEO for Sivox as the company merged with Bankers Edge.
Sivox/Bankers Edge is a learning technology company whose products allow
clients to screen, train, and evaluate employees in simulated real world
settings. Mr. Steiker also manages investments in IPR International (an
online data backup and recovery company), Smart Button (a loyalty-marketing
software company sold to a management group in 2009), DFT (a
next-generation microchip-testing company), and SQA Pharmacy (a closed


Prior to joining Murex, Mr. Steiker was a principal of Praxis Associates, a
consulting group that focused on providing financial advisory services to
small- and mid-market ESOP companies. At Praxis, he was responsible for
structuring transactions and securing financing. Prior to Praxis, Mr.
Steiker was a consultant for Queens County Economic Development Corporation
where he conducted commercial loan packaging and placement. Mr. Steiker
serves as Treasurer of a Philadelphia region charitable foundation, and
Treasurer of a national nonprofit educational research organization.

Mr. Steiker is a Founder of GoodCompany Ventures, a Philadelphia-based
incubator for high-growth technology start-ups with social impact. Mr.
Steiker has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and a BA from Oberlin