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Versa CEO
Keya Dannenbaum

Keya Dannenbaum is the founder and CEO at Versa, a fast-growing company on a mission to elevate public dialogue around the most salient issues of the day.


Her passion for public affairs and undying pursuit of meaningful work has taken her on a far-ranging journey, through myriad disciplines and around the world.


She has studied and worked in public and international affairs as an undergraduate at Stanford and a doctoral candidate at Princeton; internationally as a Fulbright Scholar in Colombia and a Melman Fellow in India; nationally in the 2008 Presidential election; and locally as campaign manager for the Mayor of New Haven, CT.


Along the way she also picked up some computer science (C), a bit of statistics (R), (formerly) fluent Spanish and half a Wharton MBA, which she left to found Versa.


She speaks widely on startups, entrepreneurship, women in business and politics, and the role of meaning in work.