• New American Tavern
A community’s social hub and unofficial civic center for stronger and more engaged communities.

Building on America’s rich history of taverns, The New American Tavern is a movement to build a new kind of tavern across America. Mixing the convivial and the civic with good food, good drink, good conversation, these taverns will serve as a community’s social hub and unofficial civic center to build stronger and more engaged communities.


Throughout much of America’s history, taverns have served as an unofficial central town hall, courtroom, marketplace and communications centers. From Dobbins House Tavern in Gettysburg, PA where local militia gathered to join ranks with the Continental Army to Fraunces Tavern in New York where the federal government departments of Foreign Affairs and Treasury and War were once housed, taverns have played a rich role in building the America we know today. We plan to revive this tradition and to refresh it for the 21st century.

The New American Tavern will reignite this American tradition by ensuring that neighborhoods across the country have welcoming spaces where citizens can unwind, learn, and connect. Our approach will merge restaurateurship with best practices in hospitality, social enterprise, event management, and civic engagement programming. Our menu will feature sustainably sourced classics that pay homage to diverse American stories. Our staff will be composed of engaging and welcoming conversationalists. Our architecture and design will incorporate elements that foster dialogue. And our programming will foster engagement and increase social capital among our local guests. Almost non-of what we will do is new; what is new is the combination of things we bring together, our holistic approach and our unyielding commitment to maximizing our guests experience and the value we provide to our guests, the communities in which we do business and in larger American society at large.