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Partners on the Path

Partners on the Path, LLC licenses premium self-care programs and resources to business leaders who are interested in promoting effective, supportive work environments for employees who are caregivers: both professional staff members and those who are family caregivers when their workday ends. 


Data show that caregiving takes a toll on individual caregivers, and on organizations that employ them. Caregiving erodes health, well-being, finances and family relationships. Those who employ caregivers also pay the price of caregiver stress: productivity, quality, and satisfaction decline; absenteeism, presenteeism and health care costs rise. 


Partners on the Path’s educational caregiver support programs boost employee-caregivers’ overall resilience and productivity, as well as their capacity to provide quality care. 


Reducing caregiver stress improves workplace performance, which in turn increases company profit margins. By promoting the well-being of their employees, business leaders are able to build a company culture of loyalty and respect.