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Company Description:
Regalii is an API that banks and financial institutions to let users pay all of their family’s bills in real-time anywhere in the world. Regalii launched in Y-Combinator in 2013 and its investors include Kapor Capital, Winklevoss Capital, Maverick Capital, Banco Itau and others.

Regalii was founded in 2012 by Dominican immigrants for the Dominican community and holds 20 employees (10 employees since December 15). Edrizio De La Cruz, a lifelong sender and receiver of remittances discovered that others shared the same frustration involved with sending money home: the process was complicated, expensive, and didn't allow any sense of control for the sender.


A tech company built by immigrants for immigrants. Regalii makes sending money home easier, quicker and cheaper for the 26 million immigrant families. We see Regalii as a way to give back—solving a common problem in the immigrant community.