• sharath_mekala
Village Defense President
Sharath Mekala
Sharath Mekala is the President of Village Defense, a community organizer, and a social entrepreneur. He's also a serial entrepreneur having started his first company while he was in college. Sharath graduated from Georgia State University with a specialization in Risk Management . He studied International Business and Infrastructural Risk Management for a semester in Tokyo, Japan, and also conducted nanotechnology research at Georgia Institute of Technology. After purchasing a home on Atlanta's west side, Sharath became inspired to get involved in community planning. He became the Vice Chair of Atlanta's Neighborhood Planning Unit-G — a section of Atlanta that was plagued with an overabundance of blighted communities and housing projects but gifted with tremendous history, willpower, and potential. Soon after, Sharath was elected Vice President of the Atlanta Planning Advisory Board. In Spring 2009, Sharath's home was burglarized, and out of his neighborhood of 800 people, 1 neighbor had seen the criminals but had no way of informing the rest of the neighborhood. Mobilizing quickly, Sharath started Village Defense so that neighbors could communicate with one another in their greatest times of need, bringing the vision of a village into reality.