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Philadelphia Mayors Office of New Urban Mechanics Director
Story Bellows

Story Bellows joined the City of Philadelphia in April of 2012

as Co-Director of the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics.

The new office is a civic idea and innovation incubator, which

develops innovative approaches and processes to solving

complex problems in the public arena. Prior to coming to

Philadelphia, Story served as Director of the Mayors’ Institute

on City Design, a leadership initiative of the National

Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the American

Architectural Foundation and the US Conference of Mayors.


An urban designer by training, Story spent four years in a private design practice

Chicago, where she founded a research group and worked with leaders in the public,

private and non-profit sectors on urban, education, healthcare and environmental

design projects and initiatives. She holds an undergraduate degree from Colgate

University and a Masters degree in City Design and Social Science from the London

School of Economics and Political Science.