• SunSaluter
  • Class Year 2011
  • Field Renewable Energy

Roseicollis Technologies has developed the SunSaluter: a solar panel rotating tracker that optimizes output through tilting the panel perpendicular to the sun.


The SunSaluter provides more electricity generation per dollar spent, even reducing the number of solar panels that would be necessary for an installation. In order to preserve our planet and begin encouraging societies to move towards the adoption of renewable energy resources, we need to lower the cost of solar energy so it is more affordable for individual families in their homes and villages. Roseicollis Technologies Inc. believes that the most disruptive technologies are ones that can be implemented in both developed and emerging markets.


Roseicollis Technologies Inc.'s SunSaluter is much cheaper, easier to use and simpler to maintain, and therefore is more suitable for solar power projects in different parts of the world. By ensuring that developing communities are optimizing the potential for the energy they can access, we can distribute more solar panels to more communities for a bigger impact. If many panels harness 40% more energy every day, then this means 40% more of a community can benefit from the electricity.

Eden Full is the Founder of Roseicollis Technologies Inc., a social enterprise to take her solar panel tracking invention called the SunSaluter to developing communities and established markets that need them. The SunSaluter won the Mashable/UN Foundation Startups for Social Good Challenge and was awarded the runner-up prize at the 2011 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. Eden blogs about her adventures at: http://edenfull.ca.