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  • Class Year 2011
  • Field Civic Engagement

TwoSeed provides enterprise software that allows companies and foundations to effectively implement corporate community initiatives. TwoSeed platforms are turn-key solutions that can easily be integrated into your company’s existing intranet or social platform and customized to your needs.


Our philosophy is that community engagement works best when it is social and fun. Too often these crucial elements are missing from companies’ existing initiatives. The TwoSeed platform allows employees to share local volunteering opportunities and their experiences with local non-profit organizations. By utilizing social media and gaming mechanics, we empower companies to encourage, recognize, and reward employees for their efforts. Additionally, TwoSeed provides real-time data aggregation and analytics so that companies have the ability to monitor and report on their social impact.


Strong community initiatives will lead to increased employee volunteering, better company recruiting efforts, positive PR, and improved teamwork within the firm.

Beyond the technology, we view our relationships with our clients as long-term partnerships, working closely with our internal Corporate Social Responsibility professionals. In short, TwoSeed takes employee community engagement to the next level. We very much look forward to working with you.