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Just as the effects of climate change transcend sectors, jurisdictions and borders, so too must effective solutions.  The Obama administration's White House demonstrated significant leadership in this space in March, 2014, when it launched the Climate Data Initiative (CDI), aligning Administration efforts to open data on climate change risks and impacts with ambitious private and philanthropic sector commitments to mobilize data and information technology for climate change action.


The data is there; the technology is there. The markets and entrepreneurs, however, are not.



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GoodCompany is developing the Social Impact Projection Model, a forward-looking template that integrates social impact into the assessment of early-stage social enterprises’ return potential with benefits for companies, investors, and the impact investing field. 
The SIP Analysis provides entrepreneurs the resource to articulate their business' impact potential and refine a growth strategy that optimizes both financial and social returns over time. Unlike existing platforms for impact measurement, the SIP model provides early-stage social enterprises without rich historical data a way to communicate clearly, in dollar terms, the social benefit they expect to produce. We believe this approach can direct seed capital towards the most impactful investment opportunities.

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GoodCompany Ventures created the first accelerator designed for the needs of social entrepreneurs in 2009. The Ventures Accelerator challenges social entrepreneurs to scope and quantify the opportunity that their innovation presents, refine their plan for execution and defend their capitalization strategy.


The first application of the Ventures Accelerator model, FastFWD, was developed in response to a nationwide Mayoral Challenge seeking new approaches to urban innovation and launched in 2014. Completed in partnership with the Wharton Social Impact Initiative and the City of Philadelphia, FastFWD was awarded a $1M prize from Bloomberg Philanthropies. The program inspired the partnership of city government and social entrepreneurship, and sourced, accelerated and deployed new technology and innovations to old social problems.



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