Climate Ventures 2.0

Climate Ventures 2.0 is an innovation engine designed to focus private sector resources committed by the Obama administration's

White House's Climate Data Initiative on entrepreneurs with innovations that can enhance climate adaptation and resilience efforts. Our first cohort of the CV2 accelerator offers $250,000 of GoodCompany Ventures Impact Grants to innovators in the agriculture and water resilience sector. 

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Phase 1: mobilize
Fundamental to our work of engaging entrepreneurial innovation in response to unmet social needs is translating these needs - hunger, disease, public safety - in terms that mobilize entrepreneurs.  Phase 1 of Climate Ventures 2.0 breaks down and segments climate threats to agriculture and water systems, identifying what innovation looks like and offering a framework for market opportunities.
To see our newly developed reframing roadmap, CLlCK HERE.
Phase 2: Sourcing

Sourcing Network

We have gathered a sourcing network of 80+ partners with a collective social media audience of 10mm to select a cohort of the most promisng innovators in the ag and water sectors.
To see all of our Sourcing Partners, CLlCK HERE.

Open IDEO idea sprint

Adapted from IDEO's design methodology, OpenIDEO leverages technology, events, design support and project funding to enable global participants to innovate collaboratively. We have partnered with the OpenIDEO to launch a global innovation challenge for Climate Ventures 2.0 with 35 local events and 10,000 participants. 
To learn more about the OpenIDEO challenges, CLICK HERE. 
phase 3: accelerate

  The first cohort of Climate Ventures 2.0 will focus on innovations in agriculture and water system resilience efforts.  In particular, material, information and biological technologies that can help agricultural and water systems bear the stresses of climate volatility - water excess, runoff, pooling, erosion, scarcity - without disrupting the health of watershed systems as a whole. Companies that can address these concerns with greater efficiency, lower cost and in a commercial sustainable model, are favored.

The William Penn Foundation has generously supported Climate Ventures 2.1 as an innovation engine that can leverage public, philanthropic capital and industry resources to activate deal flow for private, prospecting capital.


 Here is what entrepreneurs can expect:​ 


  • A $25,000 non-equity GoodCompany Ventures Impact Grant
  • The most rigorous business and financial development programming, averaging $10mm in investment per cohort
  • One-on-one mentoring from policy experts, Fortune 500 industry advisors and investors
  • Connection to global network of advisors, investors and peers through USAID's Global Innovation Exchange
  • Opportunity to pitch for investment at private investor events in NYC, DC and SFO
  • Opportunity to pitch for $75,000 in pilot funding
  • Curated pilot opportunities within the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities Network and the Delaware River Basin
  • Free 24/7 office support for cohort, within Benjamin’s Desk, Philadelphia’s largest entrepreneur co-working network
  • Priority access to our portfolio of resources for anything else you might need

To see the full scope of the CV2 accelerator, including the curriculum, our Industry Advisors and Capital Coaches, CLICK HERE.


Our entrepreneurs create, define, penetrate and come to own new, social markets. We think that global challenges - like climate resilience - posit enormous business opportunity.  Our job is to figure out how to navigate a complex cross-sector landscape. We have spent a lot of time working on this, and our results back us up. Our first 40 graduates have now gone on to close over $60M in private capital, with feature recognition in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and FastCo among many others.



                                    The Climate Ventures 2.0 application is now closed. 
                                    Stay tuned for the announcement of our first cohort. 

Phase 4: Launch
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Our accelerator identifies the key risks that may pose barriers to investment, and designs efficient proof-of-concept pilots to be implemented through our Launch phase. Entrepreneurs will have access to the following resources to ensure the successful launch of their innovations:



Global Innovation Exchange Platform

The GIX Platform offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage with industry experts, resilience officers and impact investors to gain guidance and feedback that can accelerate the validation of new models. Participants on the platform will gain exposure to high quality, structured deals, and cutting edge innovations. The GIX Platform drives impact at scale by offering social entrepreneurs global access to the best expertise, pilot opportunities and capital. 


To see the GIX Platform and the full scope of the CV2 accelerator, CLICK HERE.




Entrepreneurs will have access to pitch for $75,000 in funding for pilots within the Delware River Basin and the global network of Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities.


To see the full network of Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities, CLICK HERE. 




GoodCompany Ventures supports the fundraising of our CV2 entrepreneurs, providing one-on-one mentoring from Capital Coaches with investment expertise and conducting investor events in New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. To date, our graduates have raised over $60mm in private capital to generate a projected $5bn in social impact.