Climate Ventures 2.0 

Climate Ventures 2.0 unlocks tremendous access for entrepreneurs to new, social markets. Funded with $1M in capital from some of the best minds in business strategy, our entrepreneurs penetrate new markets via problem holders in climate-threatened cities globally using public sector resources and distribution channels.  Supported by organizations like the Clinton Global Initiative, Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities, NASA, NOAA and the White House Climate Data Initiative, Climate Ventures 2.0 is the preeminent program for leading edge innovators in the Water, Ag, and Urban Resilience spaces. 

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Climate Ventures 2.0 History & Opportunity



As a foundation for his Climate agenda, President Obama launched the Climate Data Initiative, a public private effort designed to stimulate innovation in support of national climate change preparedness.  Leaders in the tech, NGO and academic sectors have committed resources to the CDI, including: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Nestle, and The World Bank, among many others. 


The White House has supported our creation of Climate Ventures 2.0 to engage entrepreneurs in response to climate threats and help them apply resources committed by the CDI partners. 


Climate Ventures 2.0 will focus on acceleraing innovations that enhance the resilience of food and water systems globally.  To fully resource our entrepreneurs, we've pulled together Data Scientists, Climate, Food, and Water experts, successful entrepreneurs, a network of early stage investors, and 10 cities with expressed interest in embracing Ag & Water innovation.  Graduates will hit the ground running with direct access to city officials who they will come to know over the course of our program, and investment from angels and VCs who have worked with us and our graduates routinely over the years.


Through the twelve-week program, we do a deep dive into each business model itself, exposing and working through issues with value proposition, design, entity formation, financial and social projections, capital and execution strategy. 


 Here is what entrepreneurs can expect:​

  • A $25,000 grant per selected team
  • The country's first and most rigorous business and financial development programming that has a track record of generating of $10mm in investment per cohort.
  • The opportunity to pitch for $75,000 in funding for pilots with regional food & water organizations and the global network of Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities


Our entrepreneurs create, define, penetrate and come to own new, social markets. We think that global challenges - like climate resilience - posit enormous business opportunity.  Our job is to figure out how to navigate a complex cross-sector landscape. We have spent a lot of time working on this, and our results back us up. Our first 40 graduates have now gone on to close over $60M in private capital, with feature recognition in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and FastCo among many others.


We think that new solutions are created most measurably, effectively and sustainably when entrepreneurs are engaged as agents of change, using proven processes and market incentives to drive powerful outcomes. Climate Ventures 2.0 offers a platform to present data and technical resources of the White House Climate Data Initiative consortium as a rich opportunity to mobilize entrepreneurial responses. Our goal is to identify and develop a exemplary innovations into scalable, well-funded entrepreneurial success stories.

Climate Ventures 2.0 Phase 1: Pricing Climate Threats

CV2 is a four phase initiative to mobilize, source, accelerate and pilot cutting edge innovation.


Phase 1 breaks down and segments climate threats to agriculture and water systems, identifying what innovation looks like and offering a framework for market opporunities.


To see our newly developed reframing roadmap, CLlCK HERE.