Case Studies

GoodCompany Ventures’ in-depth work with entrepreneurs identifies paths to enter, serve and commercialize new social markets traditionally managed by public actors. Given the novelty of these businesses and the proliferation of accelerator programs, we are often asked for examples of the companies we serve, and the role we play in their development. The following Case Studies offer a sampling of the entrepreneurs we work with, the new social markets their innovations target, and the discoveries of novel paths to scale. Each draws from three key components of our work: 


1. Transform a Change Agent into a Business Entrepreneur: What would you do if you had $10 million to take an innovation to scale? We develop change agents with big ideas into savvy entrepreneurs, building their capacity for meaningful impact.  


2. Find a Payment or Financing: Ability to pay is a function of economic capacity: in some cases poverty prevents financing, in others there is a lack of capital or credit. Willingness to pay is a question of cultural norms and incentives: should the user pay for a social program? And who experiences the benefit of the product? We work with our entrepreneurs to test these questions, improving the user's ability to pay or discovering different payers.  


3. Learn from the Market and Understand the Space: We ask our entrepreneurs to externalize their mission and consider what their users want or need, as opposed to what they should want. This requires humility, curiosity and the adoption of practical and incredmental solutions, rather than an ideal fix. As Andreesson Horowtiz suggests, "Strong opinions, loosely held." 
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