GoodCompany Ventures Announces Climate Ventures 2.0

by Catherine Griffin • July 29th, 2014

Just as the effects of climate change transcend sectors, jurisdictions and borders, so too must effective solutions. The White House demonstrated significant leadership in this space in March, 2014, when it launched the Climate Data Initiative (CDI), aligning Administration efforts to open data on climate change risks and impacts with ambitious private and philanthropic sector commitments to mobilize data and information technology for climate change action.


The data is there; the technology is there. The markets and entrepreneurs, however, are not. An effective response to a complex global problem like climate change demands the type of systemic, multilateral collaboration among institutional leaders that the CDI fosters. But new solutions are created most measurably, effectively and sustainably when entrepreneurs 

are engaged as agents of change, using proven processes to drive powerful outcomes. Climate Ventures 2.0 offers a forum in which the data and technical resources of the CDI collaborators can be presented as a rich opportunity to mobilize entrepreneurial responses. Our goal is to identify and develop a exemplary innovations into scalable, well funded entrepreneurial success stories.


Climate Ventures 2.0 is an initiative designed to mobilize, scale and deploy entrepreneurial innovations in response to acute climate threats at the intersection of food and water security. During Phase I, Mobilization, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative will reframe these climate threats in the US as market-based opportunities that are targets for entrepreneurial
innovation. This research will inform a global hackathon designed to mobilize world-class entrepreneurs. Winners will be invited to join a selection event in April in Washington. In Phase II, Scale, the most promising innovations will join the GCV accelerator, a program designed to build scalable business models for long-term change and mobilize capital to maximize their impact. During the final phase III, Deployment, top graduates will be given an opportunity to pilot their innovations in select locations globally, where climate threats are most acute. GCV has already engaged several CDI participants in CV2 programming, including the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, the Impact HubHack4GoodGeeklist, the 

Bloomberg C40 network, the USAID, MIT’s Climate Co-labNASA, the UN Global Pulse 

and Google’s Earth Engine, among others, and continues to build a consortium to activate climate data.



As Managing Director at GoodCompany Ventures, Catherine draws on her operational and fundraising experience as a two time social entrepreneur, co-founding ventures in the social shopping and ethical apparel industries after launching her career as...

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